Saturday, May 01, 2010

BIM in Media

BIM has always been in the news... and for good reasons. Recently BIM has been ranked third in the SiliconIndia's survey of India's Best non-IIM B-schools. A great Achievement and It is definitely an sign of BIM's growing reputation as one of the top B-School's in the country...

The Silver Jubilee celebrations also culminated at Chennai with a gala ceremony with chief guests including Shri M.S. Swaminathan, chairman of MSSRF, and Shri K.S. Sripathi, Chief Secretary, Tamil Nadu. The ceremony was presided over by Mr. Ramadorai, Chairman of Board of Governors of BIM. It also saw a huge turn out of BIM Alumni to celebrate the silver jubilee of their AlmaMater...

BIM has again proved to be one of the Leading B-schools of India by achieving 100% placements with beating it's previous year's record for the highest remuneration... Congratulations BIM25 and best wishes for all of your future careers.

We at BIM have always enjoyed the innovations employed in the teaching practices. The first year students presented an exhibition on various B-plans, industry analysis in the area of E-business with students coming out with creative ideas in both the presentation and communicating about their ideas to the visitors including the Chief guests from BHEL, Trichy.

Silver Jubilee Celebrations at Chennai

One leg of the year long silver jubilee celebrations was held in Le Royal Meridian, Chennai with chief guests including Shri M.S. Swaminathan, chairman of MSSRF, and Shri K.S. Sripathi, Chief Secretary, Tamil Nadu. The ceremony was presided over by Mr. Ramadorai, Chairman of Board of Governors of BIM. It also saw a huge turn out of BIM Alumni to celebrate the silver jubilee of their AlmaMater.

Shri M.S. Swaminathan, chairman of MSSRF, delivering his address.

Prof. Arya dressing the gathering...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A walk down the memory lane...

AS BIM celebrates 25 years of success in the Indian business landscape, we take a trip down the long and arduous journey and the persons associated with building BIM and the reasons for its standing tall among premier B-Schools in the country…

We see the memories of the colourful journey through sepia toned images…

Prof. ARYA - A great visionary

The conception of BIM - A meeting point of great minds...
The first batch - 1984
Agreement with DRDO
The learning through years...

and looking at BIM now...

Saturday, April 03, 2010

BIM spreads its network....

We at BIM have spread our wings throughout the network. Of course the power of social networking should not be just taught but practiced as well…right????. Now you can follow the the events and all the happenings at BIM through Twitter and facebook as well..

Follow us on Twitter and face book… here are the links…

Happy networking folks :)

Friday, April 02, 2010

Bidding Adieu...

Oh… It’s the time of the farewell, as we near the end of the academic year. The farewell night was filled with emotions as we thanked our seniors for their support that started even before we stepped in to BIM. Its been a wonderful year filled with fun and a lot of learning giving new experiences to everyone. The seniors in return thanked us for a wonderful farewell night and how they were filled with nostalgia of their first days at BIM and every one of them remembered their most memorable moments of the last two years and everyone did not want their time at BIM to come to an end. All in all Farewell night was a testament to the strong bond between the students of both years and it also was a shining example of how everyone who has come to BIM will always associated his or her fond memories with BIM and that’s the most important reason that our Alumni also turn up years after they have left BIM.

“Goodbyes are not forever. Goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean We'll miss you Until we meet again….”

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


For all those people who talk in a language of the Finance with words interspersed with terms like CDO, LIBOR etc etc... This will be a post of interest, The Flagship event of the Finclub, FINANCE UTSAV just got over after filling up everyone's life with equations and equity in equal proportion. The month long event started on March 7th and was designed to enthrall, captivate, stimulate and force the students to apply their existing knowledge and also to be more equipped with financial skills.

There were a whole basket of events to test the all-round skills, YUDHVIDYA, is the main crowd puller, eagerly awaited by the the finance-inclined students, affectionately (???) called as FinFreaks by the BIM population. This was the event where teams battle over two rounds as they analyze the balance sheets of organizations and take decisions for them to maximize profit. Special lectures were also organized as a part of the event. FinGuns, a two round quiz testing both current awareness as well as reasoning skills also was conducted. Bulls and Bears tested the stock market knowledge and decision making skills of BIM Students. Chakravyuh, the online treasure hunt also saw students participating in hordes and pulling their hair out trying to connect the clues and get the answers to reach the final level.

Finclub also came with a magazine called FINZINE, with a loads of info on the world of finance which can also be a ready-reckoner of sorts for all the students.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Let the Games begin…

BIM just saw the most colorful and exciting sports event of the year come to an end. We just witnessed 8 teams battle it out in our own version of IPL, BIM’s Sundararaghavan cricket tournament. Cricket always brings out the best out of students and it saw even the studious of the most studious students come out swinging their bats to hit runs. Teams from both PGP I and PGP II participated with vigor with loads of professionalism with coming up with funny team names like Zeros, Designing their own jerseys and even to the extent of naming Physios in the team roster.

All the matches saw some beautiful batting and were filled with action right till the end, students became heroes overnight with scoring crucial runs and taking catches diving in mid air. And why only boys should have fun? Girls also came in droves and had their own teams and had an unforgettable final match with both teams fighting till the last ball of the match. The overall Winners were Royal stags and the runners were Kshatriyas. All in the entire Cricket tournament was a great success with students staying till late night to catch the match action. Kudos to sportscom for conducting this event and making it a grand success.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Who is the first woman to head a B-school in India?,
Suzlon raised 1735Cr by selling 35% stake in Belgium based gearbox maker. Can you name the Belgium company?
If a firm with a highly volatile price is willing to widen its shareholders‟ base gradually, what will it issue?

These were some of the questions put forth to the participants during the preliminary quiz round of KSHAN’09, the two day quiz and equity analysis event conducted by FINCLUB of BIM. The first round saw a huge turnout of teams with creative names like, “Angels and a Demon”, 3sigma and Laymen brothers to name a few. The quiz had 38 questions grilling the participants’ knowledge in financial world. Out of the 20 odd teams that participated, 6 best teams were selected for the equity research round. Each team was given a company and asked to give a thorough analysis of their stock and requested to present their findings the next. Each team’s presentation was evaluated by a panel of judges comprising professors and experts in field of corporate finance. Out of the 6 teams, the winners were

1st - BIM BULLs - L & T - Padmaselvan, Saravanan, Govindraj Prabhu

2nd - Anarchists - Sterlite Industries - Ankit Bhargav, Jai doshi, Yuvraaj

3rd - Stuck On Mars - Cairn India - Chakravarthy, Nagasantosh, Parthipan